Everyday Comics #1

Hello! Well, file this one under the “I’ve always wanted to do it, but put if off because it would take to long”. Now that I’ve finally done this I want to do more! Sucker for punishment aren’t I? I’m looking at doing some more “Everyday Comics” as it was fun and I already have more ideas for the theme! As you may know, I’m a massive comic nerd so it definitely appeals to me, especially as this image is an almost exact copy of Superman #1. Which, now that I think about it, I might do another Wednesday night “special features” on this one, as it took quite a bit to do it and there was quite a few different elements there as well. So look out for it, I’ll show you the original image I copied then. 

So if you have any suggestions for more “Everyday Comics” ideas, throw them my way! As with this one, all of them shall be copies of actual comic book covers….because it was fun to do, and I think it’s cool.

So how did I get this idea in the first place? You’d never pick it, but it was from a random meme posted on someone’s Facebook awhile ago. Something about how bad-ass you feel when you carry all your groceries in just one trip. It’s amazing where an idea can come from hey? Originally it was going to be called “Everyday Superheroes” but I had some ideas that didn’t quite fit into that theme, so I broadened it a bit so I can have villains and use other comics like war and horror ones. I’m actually kind of excited about this! I’m getting lots of ideas and I really keen to do some more, the only real issue is just how long it will take to do one. But as with everything, the more I do, the better I’ll be at doing them.

Alrighty then, I’m off see you on Wednesday!


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  1. My superpower is being able to instantly tell whether there is going to be enough toilet paper to finish the business whenever I walk into a stall.

  2. That's pretty impressive….mind you, that would be an extremely long superhero name

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