Cow Tipping

Hello! So as I type this it’s about 10:30 Sunday night and after being woken up this morning at about 5:45 or so by my 2 boys, I’m pretty tired. Just finished off this cartoon, so I think I’ll keep this one brief so I can go to bed….

Brainstorming the other night and found a note that simply said “Cow Tipping” and thought I’d give it a go. Now my first thought was cow tipping at a restaurant or something, but I thought that’s probably been done before and after a quick Google search I found that was the case. Quite a lot of other cartoonists had done something similar, which was pretty much about cows tipping or not tipping. So I thought I’d look at it from another angle and think of some other types of  “Tips” and being the gamer that I am, I very quickly came to the good old game ‘tips’. And you know what else? I freakin’ hate these guys who ‘back seat game’ on you and tell you what to do while you’re playing. Especially you know what you’re doing, ahhh!

Anyway I’m going to bed, good night….


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