Limited Facial Vocabulary

This weeks idea came from my mate Ben, who has a secret crush on Kristen Stewart, who posted a funny image on my Facebook wall about her and her lack of facial expression. Here it is:

I saw it and for some reason I thought I’d set myself the challenge this week to do a Kristen Stewart joke. Now, I’m pretty sure if I wouldn’t have thought of the whole robot angle if not for the help of my son Dash I have to admit. As last week, all he’s wanted to watch on TV is his DVD’s of Rob the Robot over and over, which I think influenced my thought process. Well, that’s what I’m assuming anyway, maybe I would have got there anyway, who knows.

I think a rough version of the final idea, I got quite quickly, but I did keep working on it to see if I could improve it somewhat, or think of something better. For awhile there I was actually going to go with something about Facial Recognition software, whether as a machine at the airport or an App I wasn’t sure. But I really liked the punch-line of this idea, the “That’s 18 more than Kristen Stewart has”, which was what made me go back to this idea in the end.

You know what? I’m just impress by the fact that this cartoon has the word “Facial” in the titled and it’s pretty much a clean joke! There’s a pat on my back right there…#pat#pat# Ahhhhhh, that’s good.


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