Sexual Predator

I’ve mentioned a couple of times here just how much I tend to scrutinise all the statistics of this blog, such as pageviews and traffic sources. Being as this is a Google based blog, I get detailed stats on what Google search leads people here. Gotta tell you, there’s some strange and interesting keyword searches that’s for sure. The other day I had a look for the search words for the previous week, which looked like this:

Now I can understand most of these…except a couple there, yep, you know the ones I’m talking about. I wonder just how disappointed the people were who looked for “Slaughtering women the cocks and…” and “Blowjob on the phone cartoon insta…” were? Anyway, I posted the above photo on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter as I’m a social media whore, and my friend Bec mentioned the “Comic predator porn” one. Which I didn’t think anything of as I knew it was because of the Predator cartoon I did ( but she thought it was someone looking for sexual predator porn. Which, she may be right, so I really do hope that weirdo was disappointed. But it got me thinking about “Sexual Predator”, which led to this new cartoon. I did spend a fair bit of time Friday morning working on some ideas while I was out for lunch and it did take me awhile to get this one out in the end. I thought of many different ways to visualise “Sexual Predator”, like a teenage Predator getting a boner in a high-school class full of humans, a Predator in a human porn movie (I was going to do another “I’ve come to clean zee pool” again) just to name a few. As usual I was panicking a bit on the drive home as I didn’t know what cartoon I was going to drawn that afternoon and boom! After thinking and thinking about Sexual Predators (never thought I’d say that) it came to me, a Predator hiring a prostitute! You think I’d have more faith and confidence in my ideas process by now wouldn’t you? Nope, I still panic just beforehand…mind you if I was more organised and had final ideas ready to go before the day I have to do them then all would be good, but hey, I am the master of procrastination….

So I spent a couple of days debating whether to have the caption “Sexual Predator” on the bottom of this cartoon or not, as it’s the title of the blog post and all. In the end I was worried that the joke might get missed if someone didn’t see the title (especially if the cartoon is seen outside the blog as just an image) so I just put it in there. Which does kind of bug me, as you may know, I like people to think a bit to get a joke rather than just spell it out for them, it’s more fun that way. And my favourite jokes always tend to be ones like that, hence also why I prefer them. Oh well, what do you think? Does it work as well without the caption?

See you next time!


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