You Can Still Eat Them

Ask and you shall receive, that’s this weeks motto. My mate Rob G randomly requested that I do a Kiss joke a few weeks back, as he’s a massive Kiss fan. He suggested something about old age and retirement…ha! Does that sound like me? Hell no, I went with Chinese Restaurants killing cats to serve them as food joke instead! Is that technically a racist joke? I’m not racist what so ever just for the record, you all annoy the shit out of me equally, I don’t care what colour you are….An annoying prick is still an annoying prick regardless of race.

So I pondered the idea of doing a Kiss joke for a couple of weeks, as I do love a challenge and yes I know a  few of you have requested some specific jokes that I haven’t delivered on yet, but I will trust me! Honestly sometimes I can’t get a good idea into one panel. I am planning on starting a regular comic strip next year (possibly for the 2nd anniversary of the blog page?) so some of those ideas will get used then. Other than that, please keep sending some subject suggestions for future cartoons. But please be as vague as possible, so just keep it to a specific subject like this week for example (just “a Kiss cartoon”) as it gives me a bit of leeway and freedom. Anyway I was thinking about a Kiss idea for awhile and I seemed to always think back to about how much damn pussy those guys got (and still get?) and eventually the idea just formed from that really. Not sure why I like Chinese food cat jokes, I just do so deal with it, just be thankful I didn’t throw in a cat food/vagina smell joke in there as well…….

Oh and I do try to sometimes place the person who inspired the idea or their name at least into the cartoon somehow (I have forgotten a couple of times, sorry). In this cartoon, the person talking to Mr Wong is my visual interpretation of Rob G himself! I hope you like it buddy!

Ok my peeps, until next time!


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