The Rooster Bar

Remember how I mentioned last week that I was having a really shitty week/almost 2 weeks? Well, make that a shitty MONTH. I’ve got this week’s cartoon all inked up and ready to go and guess what? God damn scanner won’t work! For no reason at all, just won’t turn on, so now I have a cartoon I can’t finish….son of a bitch! I hate you HP scanner, I hate you so much…..So guess what this weeks cartoon is again? Yep another oldie from the vault, grrrrrrr

Can’t remember how I got this idea, but it does have 2 of my favourite things in it, I love to make fun of pop culture characters and I love drawing roosters (I have no idea, why, horses and roosters, can’t explain it).

You know what’s really annoying is that I’ve gotten a crap load of pageview traffic this month just from my mate Allan linking my cartoon on his page, “Roid Rage” as he helped my with the idea. So my pageviews are at the highest they ever have been this month just from that and that’s pretty much been the only new thing I’ve put up all month and I’ve hardly posted anything else as well, so I’m not really taking full advantage of all this new traffic…grrrrr

Come on life, what else have you got for me? (Please don’t take my PC next)


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