Roid Rage

Happy Monday! What’s this? More topical humour? Well this idea came from a simple note and a suggestion merged together. So my friend Allan suggested that I do a cartoon about Lance Armstrong (honestly I hadn’t even pondered doing one until he mentioned it), his idea though was to have a bunch of pot smoking hippies riding bikes and someone saying “Damn Lance Armstrong, look what he’s started!”. Or something like that, which honestly is a good idea, but I kind of wanted to add my own spin to it. So I’ve been pondering this idea all week, and by coincidence I was looking through one of my notebooks and I found a note that I’d written down which was simply “Hemorrhoid Rage – ‘roid Rage” and I thought about merging the ideas and…. boom! 
But if it wasn’t for my lovely lady Pen, that note wouldn’t have been there in the first place. You see, I had that note randomly scrawled down in another notebook which I’d left in front of my computer one day. She saw it and said that she really liked it, so I then wrote it down in one of my travel notebooks, the same notebook I was then was browsing through yesterday whilst on my lunchbreak at work (of late I’ve been cramming in some brainstorming whilst eating my lunch in my stupidly short breaks, and honestly they’ve been very fruitful sessions for some reason, must be the pressure of time restraints). So there are two people who deserve some credit for this cartoon, Alan and Penelope, thanks heaps guys!

Until we meet again!

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