That’s All We Need

You know what? For once I can’t honestly remember the exact thought process behind this idea, I know I thought it up during work at my other ‘normal’ job. Which after all these years I’ve finally found a way to come up with some idea’s whilst at work! All I do is have a few ‘rough’ ideas in my mind at the start of the day and just think them through as the day goes on and boom, I usually get something useful. It is true though, that women may need 50 shades of grey to get aroused and all us dudes need is one shade of pink.

So, I’m really excited as I’ve decided to get a Graphic Designer mate of mine to completely revamp and spruce up this blog site of mine and finally merge it over to my .com address! Can’t wait! This does mean I’ll have to ditch good old Blogger though in favour of WordPress. I’ll keep you all posted on any further developments and it will be a gradual change over, so excited!! I also have lots of other plans for more regular updates as well, namely a ‘special features’ post, to pretty much show you the sketches from the weekly cartoon and talk a bit about the art. And of course I plan to return to more regular Friday Night Art posts again soon, I’m just trying to build up a collection first. But the first few back will be showing some character sketches for a weekly comic strip I’m going to start once I have a full Monday all to myself again, hopefully in a month or so. Exciting times!!

So as requested I’m now going to post these Monday cartoons first thing Monday mornings now, instead of in the late afternoon. You all cool with that? Though you all might like a cartoon first thing to start the week off! Enjoy, and please spread the love!


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