21 Gunk

Look, I’m really very sorry about this, but it has to be another old cartoon this week I’m afraid. This moving house and having a second child is very stressful and time consuming I must say, more than I was expecting to be honest. But I’m trying, I really hope to have some new stuff up next week if all goes to plan, ok? If anything, I’ve at least been working on some fresh ideas. Thank god I have such a massive back catalogue of cartoons to use! I just need to start replenishing them soon!

Not much to say about this week’s awesome example of high-brow humour, except my favourite part of the whole cartoon is the facial expression of the guy in the back with his eyes looking up…If there’s one thing I’m good at, it’s drawing facial expressions of dudes taking shits and whacking off, what can I say…it’s a talent.

Oh, guess what? 100 Facebook likes!!! Woo hoo! Thanks so much to all my 100 new best friends! Wait, shit I’m one of those! Damn it! It’s actually 99, nooooooo!!!! I need one more!!!

See ya!


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