The Best of Both Worlds

Hello again! It’s new cartoon time! This week, just like the last new ‘toon I posted, is another really good example of being persistent with an idea and sticking with it until you get it out. The original idea for this cartoon I thought up some time ago, which was a guy in a fancy dress costume as Dracula standing in front of a sanitary disposal van and not realising it and copping heaps of abuse and he doesn’t know why. So basically the joke I liked was that vampires like used sanitary pads, but I thought that it still needed something, I just wasn’t sure what. So over the proceeding months I kept coming back to the idea and it kept changing and changing, from a guy dressed as Dracula to becoming a cliché looking actual vampire. Another version was the vampire trying to get a job at a sanitary disposal business, which is what led to this final idea. The actual final idea was inspired by an old note I had written down about how the perfect woman for a guy is the chick who’s dad owns a brewery. Then all I had to do was combine that half idea with the vampire going for the job idea and bang! A normal guy’s perfect woman and a vampire guy’s perfect woman! So This cartoon is a really good example of how I get my final ideas and it also goes to prove that there’s no such thing as a bad humor idea as even if it’s not useful itself you can still combine it with another idea and make a good useful one in the end!

Alrighty, short and sweet this week, I’m in a hurry now. See you next time!


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