Deity Envy

Wait, did I say that I promise to do a new cartoon this week? Opps….a few factors kind of ruined that plan this week; one was I nowhere near getting enough sleep of late so my brain has been forgetting things, like the fact that today is a public holiday here in Australia for the Queens Birthday. Damn, so last night when I should have been drawing up the new ‘toon I was working on ideas instead as I thought I’d have plenty of time to do it today whilst my son was in daycare….opps. So I’ve woken up this morning and realised my mistake and uttered a few curse words here and there.

So instead of a newbie you’re getting quite and old one and still one of my favourites, especially as I have a thing for Mythology, and as I love drawing horses I therefore love drawing Centaurs as well! I’ve said it before, but you can notice how old this is by the really awful signature I used to sign my cartoons with back then. It makes me cringe every time I see it! Especially as it looks like 3rinks, which a few people pointed out to me back then so I added an extra line after that….which didn’t really improve it unfortunately.

Alrighty, I’ll try my best to have a new one next week and I also plan to have some more Friday Night Art again this Friday, so keep and eye out! Until then, see ya!


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