Friday Night Art 8

Hooray! It’s back! After weeks of saying I was going to do it, I’ve finally gotten around to doing some Friday Night Art! I had an idea the other day, as every time I’ve done these Friday night art posts I always post them way to late in the night as I’m usually drawing them that night. Not so now, tonight I thought I’d post up some of my old favourite sketches first and then do some drawing so I can then, next week post tonight’s drawings and then do some new ones! Damn I’m clever….

Both these two sketches ending up being used in one way or another for friends of mine, this first one:

Was for a mate of mine who was having a zombie pizza night at his house, which ended up being a really awesome idea and it was good fun I must say. Anyway, he asked me to draw something up for the invites to his “ZombiePizzaLooza” so I came up with this.

Now this next one is one of my favourites:
This sketch I drew years and years ago on a train ride home from work. I have no idea what the inspiration was, I just started drawing, I still love this character design. A good buddy of mine had this band way back when and he asked me to design a t-shirt for the band and I ended up using this character for that, hence why I later added the “Run Amok” logo on the t-shirt as that was the band name. I’m thinking I might do some more sketches of this guy again soon and I think I’ll keep the t-shirt, even though the band isn’t around any more as I like the idea and it can be a homage to those guys.

Anyway, hope you like my sketches! See you again on Monday!


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