It’s (coffee) Bean a Long Night

Greeting again my friends, how are we all? Ever since my super fast cartoon effort last week, I’ve been feeling a lot more confident about producing a new cartoon every week now with less time to work with. I didn’t rush this one as much as last week, but I still got it done pretty quick though. Which will be awesome for when I finally get my Monday’s wholly to myself again, when my second son goes into daycare with his brother, when he’s a bit older that is. Hopefully I can really start to churn out more cartoons on a regular basis now.

This idea is a really good example of persistence, with an idea, and how it can pay off in the end. A while ago I had the idea of a woman trying to give up coffee, but to continue to get her caffeine fix, she starts dating a giant coffee bean. So the whole joke pretty much revolved around the fact that a coffee beans man gravy has a high level of caffeine in it, seriously, why wouldn’t it? But this whole idea, was way to complex and I was actually going to just do it as a strip instead of one panel at one point. I’ve said it before, that I love the constraints of only having one panel a lot of the time, as it forces me to get the most out of an idea and be more creative and I love that challenge. But sometimes it’s just not possible and I do, do the odd strip for those ideas, but this one I just had a feeling I could get more out of it. So I kept milling over the idea for some time, and during my routine Sunday night brainstorming sessions I did revisit it a few times, but nothing ever came out of it….until last night! I was thinking about the idea and all of a sudden this final idea came to me…can you guess where I was? Yep on the can! I told you the toilet is an awesome place to brainstorm! As soon as I got the idea, I was so happy! I loved the idea and it was such a satisfying feeling of accomplishment to finally get something out of that idea! So I stuck to the same joke, I just delivered it slightly differently, I am still worried a bit that people may not get it, I mean it’s not obvious straight away and you know what? Those are my favourite cartoons, the ones that make you work and think for the joke. But I am still concerned that it’s not obvious that it’s a giant coffee bean and that got a blowjob from the woman the night before, hence why the title of the cartoon. Originally it was just “It’s Bean a Long Night”, but I threw the ‘coffee’ in there just to make sure. I hope you all like it. Until next time!


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