Guess what? Yep, finally did it, a brand new cartoon!!! Holy crap, I’m proud of myself on this one, I can’t believe how quick I churned it out! I did plan on doing some work on this last night as my house is finally illness free, but I didn’t count on all those late nights looking after my son catching up to me. So I went to bed early as I was tired as, so the the new plan was to hopefully find some time today to do it while my eldest son is in daycare for the day. But my lovely lady and my youngest son and I had some important things to do this morning, which honestly took way longer than I’d planned…..I was damn determined though. I managed to start this cartoon from scratch at 2:30 this afternoon and had it completely done by just after 4! How good is that?  I’m damn proud, I mean it’s not the best toilet I’ve ever drawn, but hey who gives a shit? (no pun intended) So as much as I love criticism and all, if you don’t like this cartoon, either the joke or the art, then screw you, I’m proud of it and that’s all that matters…. I’ve been trying my best to do something new for weeks and I just couldn’t so I really hope I can keep it up now.

The idea for this one came from a note in one of my books which was pretty much “new digital versions of old things” which then led to me thinking about what else can be replaced by something digital? I thought what about digital toilet paper? I mean, when all other paper is gone, would we still have toilet paper? Then I thought what would people use when the toilet paper has run out in a public toilet if you don’t have a newspaper or magazine that you were reading? Yep, you’d have to scrape your butt out with your iPad as that’s the new newspaper/magazine….well probably not, but I found that idea quite funny so here it is.

I’ll try and do some Friday Night Art again this Friday as it’s been quite awhile since I’ve done one of those and I’m rather keen! Until we meet again!


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  1. More evidence for the iHate 🙂

  2. Who me, hate Apple? Now where would you get that idea from 😉

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