They All Smell Like That

I know that I did say last week I’d try and do a new cartoon this week, but sorry, had to dip into the vault again. The new addition to the household has thrown a spanner into the works as you’d expect, and hopefully this week we can get some new routines started and I can get back to finding the time to do some cartoons again! I’m really going to try harder this week though, I have to admit I’m been rather tired of late and I was going to do some work last night but I was beat so I skipped it. Sometimes sleep wins…that and the free weekend of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 on Steam…..damn you to hell COD.

I was looking through all my old cartoons earlier and I thought that I may as well stick to the fish smelling vagina joke theme of last week. This cartoon has probably two of my favourite things, Superheroes and sex jokes! How could I not do this? I know ladies hate the fish smelling jokes, but I can’t help myself I just find it far too funny…..Feel free to complain. It makes you wonder though, does Aquaman smell bad downstairs? Do you think he cops shit from the ladies? Mind you, I’m pretty sure he just bones mermaids anyway, and they know all about fishy smelling private parts that’s for sure.

Alrighty, better go, I may spend Friday night working on next weeks cartoon and post up some sketches of it. What do you think? Would that ruin the surprise for the final cartoon to much? It’ an idea anyway….See ya!


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