A Dead Root

Hello, I bet you didn’t think I’d be posting a new cartoon today did you? You know with my 2nd child due tomorrow morning and all, this just shows how much I care doesn’t it? That and this blog has now become my 3rd child and just don’t abandon your children like that. As I have my mother-in-law staying with us at the moment it just took some good time management on my behalf to get this ‘toon done on time, especially as she’s sleeping in my office, so no late night drawing sessions for me. I pretty much spent last night drawing this and today when I got a spare moment I coloured it and now I’m typing the blog. So honestly it wasn’t that hard really, hopefully I can keep it up for the next few weeks with a baby in the house, I’ll see how I go! If all else fails I may just post some oldies from my extensive back catalogue, which I assume most of you haven’t seen anyway. They’ll just look dated….

I’ve had the basic idea of a zombie sleeping with a dead chick for some time now (bet you don’t hear that sentence everyday) and the idea did take on many different shapes and forms before I finally settled on this one. The first idea was about a zombie having a big night out and waking up next to a dead chick, which is a good idea, but kind of difficult to get across, especially in one panel. I was contemplating doing it as a strip for a bit, something about the zombies mates tricking him by putting a dead chick next to him while he’d passed out. Then I was going to do something about a zombies having sex and one complaining that the other was a “dead root”, but I then realised that ‘root’ is a very Aussie term and a lot of people wouldn’t get it. In the end I changed the title of the cartoon from “Drop Dead Gorgeous” to “A Dead Root” instead. Still confused? Go here: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Dead%20Root. Another idea I was tossing up for awhile was after the zombie apocalypse the male zombies turn the morgue into a brothel for guys to come have sex with dead women…once again, a good idea, hard to execute. The thought process that led me to this idea I got whilst on a bus the other day, in one of the rare occasions I get to ride the bus by myself (If you ever need a good place to brainstorm ideas, riding a bus or train is awesome by the way). I thought about zombies using dead women as love dolls (Yep, that’s what I think about on the bus, what do you think about?) which led me to think about some zombie mates giving another mate a dead chick as a 21st birthday present. Which led me to finally come up with this idea, a guy busting his mate with a dead chick in bed and claiming she’s a love doll. I think the original joke has always been the idea that even though zombies are un-dead, they think it’s sick to have sex with regular dead people, so essentially I’m making a statement about racism in modern society…..ha! As if……

Anyway, better go, wish me luck for the birth tomorrow, I’ll post all the details with a pic soon.


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