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Happy Birthday to my blog! Happy Birthday to you!!
Yep, it’s been a whole year since I started this crazy blog thing….well technically the actual ‘birth’ date is the 28th, but as I always update, and it started on a Monday, I thought I’d officially celebrate today! I’ve been tweaking the site this afternoon and I’m still working on the new banner logo, I’m just running out of time! Hopefully I’ve got my .com stuff sorted, which, if you go to my fancy, it should take you directly to this site now! (well, not quite yet, I’m still ironing out the bugs) I was planning on a massive revamp of this site for today, but time has gotten the better of me unfortunately , but I am still doing it so never fear. So sorry if it looks a bit all over the place at the moment, hopefully everything will be up and running again soon.

I’m pretty excited that I’ve made it to a year and according to my stats, this month is looking to be the best one yet as far as overall page-views are concerned, it’s awesome! I’m very proud of what I’ve accomplished over the last year, especially as this blog was originally just a test to see if I could get back into doing regular cartoons again, on Monday’s while my son is in daycare. But now, I’m really attached to this site and I really want it to get bigger and bigger and more popular! Who would have thought, from it’s humble beginnings as a simple email I sent to family and friends that I’d have a regular blog. As usual, please help me spread the word and share my blog and ‘like’ the Facebook page here:

Not much to say about the idea on this one, I just dug it out of one of my notebooks this morning and just thought “You know what, I want to draw that one today”. The only lesson here is to always write down any idea you get, as you never know when it can be used and come in handy. Another thing I’m excited about is I’m working on evolving my style to a more traditional cartoon look and working on my ‘flow’ by curving lines to flow together. Look at the guy holding the clipboard for example, every part of his body curves and flows in different directions and I’m also working on slimming down the way I draw limbs and making them more ‘cartoony’. Do you like it? It’s not much different now, but it will be as I work on it more, this is just the beginning. It is hard to describe, I know what I’m talking about 😉 my next Friday Night Art I’ll try to show you with some sketches and examples and I’ll try and describe it better.

Another side-note, I have a Pinterest site up, there’s nothing there at the moment, but in the next few weeks, once I finish updating this site, I’m going to post my cartoons there and also post up lots of pictures of all my ‘tools of the trade’ (basically pics of everything I use to make my cartoons). I’ll keep you all posted on my progress!

Well, time to go thanks to everyone who’s been reading me over the last year and thanks for all your comments, likes and Facebook posts, you guys rule! Here’s to the next year!!  


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