Friday Night Art 7

Greetings! As I mentioned over that last couple of posts, I had all these grand plans to completely revamp this site for the first anniversary…. unfortunately that date is this Monday and I’ve hardly done anything for it, plus my web design skills are fairly lacking these days, not that I have the time anyway. But I thought that at least I’d do a brand new header image and slowly tweak things here and there as I go throughout the next year, just so I’m not stressing for Monday. I did have the idea before to spend all day Monday just revamping the site rather than doing a cartoon, but I’d feel bad as it’s been a whole year and I haven’t missed posting a cartoon yet and I don’t want to start now! I still do want to merge this site over to my address, but I’m not sure how that will effect my traffic and I’m not sure what the old address will link to. If I could get it to just have a link to the .com that would be awesome, I just need to look into it.

Anyway so today I started doing some more sketches of Bert for the new banner:

As you can see my 2 year old Dash, wanted to draw with Daddy too, hence why Bert’s chin just turns into a bunch of massive scribbles.

Here’s the sketch of the new banner:
So I will have to probably do some work on this on Monday, so no more time sonsuming stips and elaboratly detailed ideas, I need to do a nice simple gag and spend the rest of the day working on this I think. Hopefully I’ll get some more done on Sunday night as well, I’ll see how I go. What do you think?

See you Monday!


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