The C’n’B Ding

What’s this? 2 comic strips in a row? I know, not sure why I did it today considering my time restraints at the moment and I really need to get a heap of cartoons done before my 2nd child is born in 3 weeks! But for some reason I just really wanted to do this one today. I’ve had this idea for a little while now, just sitting on it waiting for the right time to do it. The idea came from an article I was reading on-line, on I believe, don’t remember…..anyway so this was a humourous article about the guy writing it, getting his car dinged while he was parked at a shopping centre or something. So at the start of the article was a big picture of the ding, and I seriously though that it looked like a giant cock and balls (from this point onward now referred to as a “C’n’B”, because it sounds cool), so I assumed that the article was in fact about a person who dinged this guys car and left him a note just to tell him that the ding looked like a C’n’B! To my disappointment it was just about a regular ding and not everyone seems to see C’n’B’s where ever they look, which is a shock to me. “Hang on, that would be a good cartoon idea!” was my pretty much immediate thought after only reading the first part of the article and abandoning it so I could write down the idea. Sometimes the first thing that pops into your head when you see something can be a pretty funny and useful idea and other times it can just be about midget clown porn……

On a side note, how funny is C’n’B graffiti? Which I just Googled and found this wonderful site: And this is the best intro ever:

“Cock’n’Balls graffiti is a symbol of the human condition. Crossing boundaries of space, time and culture C’n’Bs are out there and they are everywhere because genitals are funny. “

Now I’m thinking there’s more to this, so maybe I can come up with another good idea about C’n’B Graffiti! To the notebooks!! Hahahahahaah! Man that site is some funny shit…..

As mentioned earlier I’ve got a bit going on in the next couple of weeks, hence why I was a tad lazy with this cartoon by not doing any backgrounds at all, hey sue me. I don’t think the background would have added all that much to it anyway, plus it would have just been a boring car park anyway…..ok, so I suck at drawing cars, there are you happy? It is on my list of things I need to practice drawing that’s for sure. I do feel bad though as I’ve been trying to improve my backgrounds more of late, but I just couldn’t be bothered today honestly. Oh, so this wasn’t the reason I didn’t do a Friday Night Art last Friday, it was because I suddenly stuck down with a nasty flu Friday afternoon and pretty much then spent the entire weekend in bed, so sorry, I’ll try again this Friday….Damn my deadline for revamping this site is looming and I’ve done fuck all, oh dear…..

Anyway see you again next time!


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