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Greetings again! I may have to be a bit brief this week as I’m coming down with a cold and I feel like shit and I’m running out of time as well. See, I could have spent the day in bed, but no, I’m dedicated to this blog! I hope you all appreciate it! I actually only brainstormed this idea this morning as I started feeling bad last night and went to bed rather than work on ideas, always good to know I can come up with stuff on short notice.

I’m really struggling to get a bunch of cartoons done so I can have some for backup as so much has been going on of late. Today I’ve been sick and I had to take my lady to the hospital to get a final scan on our baby boy before he’s born in about a month. Last Monday I had to go buy some parts for my new PC, also the reason why I didn’t do a Friday Night Art last Friday as I didn’t have a working computer to do it on! Plus Friday night I finally got this new beast completed, with some much needed assistance from my mate Simon, so I had no time either! I feel bad because I promised last week I would do something, hopefully this cold is not too bad and I can crank out some art for you guys this Friday. So I really need to get my butt into gear soon and get a heap of cartoons done, especially as there will be a newborn baby in the house soon! Wish me luck! Speaking of which, I need to go get the other one from daycare so, see you soon!


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