3310 Hours of Pleasure

Welcome to another Monday cartoon! This idea originated from the awesomely funny website http://pleated-jeans.com/, which you should all ‘like’ there Facebook page as they upload a crapload of funny shit everyday, it makes my day and honestly and it’s starting to inspire some cartoon ideas! Anyway they posted a funny picture one day, basically pointing out that although new, fancy smart phones are awesome they run out of battery power after like a day compared to the old best Nokia phones that lasted for ages. (I know that doesn’t sound funny at all, but I can’t remember exactly what it looked like and I can’t find it again) I liked the idea and wrote it down, because that is the one thing I noticed when I got my new smartphone last year. It’s all good having all this cool shit on your phone, but when you use all that cool shit it drains the hell out of your battery. For once I’m not intentionally having a dig at Apple in this ‘toon, as I like to do, it was just an easy way to visually represent a smart phone (especially from behind, with the old Apple logo there, it was pretty obvious). Because as far as I know pretty much all smart phones have shit battery life, not just iPhone’s. So I’m really making fun of all of them….kind of.

So I had the basic idea of smart phone vs old phone battery life, where’s the natural progression for me here? Yep, sex….This idea did take me awhile to ‘nut out’ for a bit, the first one was 2 female smart phones talking about a another smart phone walking with an old Nokia phone and they were commenting that she’s only with him because he ‘lasts so long’. The problem was that it had too much dialogue, which as a rule, I usually try to limit, so I had to rework it. It evolved a bit more, mostly in my head, until I got to the final idea. Which if you remember I was brainstorming it for quite some time in my head while I was in a hospital waiting room with my lady a few weeks ago.

When it came to the ‘old phone’ to use in this gag, there was no argument on which phone, the good old Nokia 3310. Mainly as it was my very first mobile phone I had, and those phones were legendary! In doing my research I did a Google search for ‘Nokia 3310’ and I discovered there’s an Internet meme about them, here have a look: http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/indestructible-nokia-3310/photos. To be honest, there’s a new shitty Internet meme like everyday and it is hard to keep up….not that you’d really want to, so I wasn’t too surprised. Man I miss that phone, it was the best phone I ever had, don’t get me wrong, I love all that pointless shit on my smart phone (for some stupid reason I’ve been addicted to Foursquare for way too long now, so much so that every time Pen and I go somewhere and she see’s me get my phone out, she always sighs and says “Are you Foursquareing again?”) but I get sick of charging the damn thing every 2 days. And quite frankly, you could probably drive over a 3310 and it would still work, try do that with a iPhone. They were awesome phones, oh Nokia what happened? You guys were the shit, what do new Nokia’s even look like now?

Alrighty, I’m out of here, come back and join me again this Friday night for Friday Night Art and back here again next Monday for another new cartoon! Later!


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    You always pick such interesting i visit your blog regularly for updates!
    Loved your description of it.
    Thank you for picking this one.

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