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Howdy, how is everyone today? Sorry for not uploading a Friday Night Art post last Friday, I’d had a pretty darn shitty week last week and I really couldn’t be bothered so I just watched some Doctor Who and went to bed early. You see my poor lady suffered a really nasty ear infection and was pretty much out of action for a whole week, and my son decided that would be a good time to be a difficult little shit. So I was looking after a difficult 2 year old by myself and looking after a sick adult, it was not fun. I’ll do a new post this Friday though, never fear. So onto this week’s brand new cartoon! 

This week’s is just in time for Valentine’s Day tomorrow, yes goddamn Valentine’s Day is tomorrow. Now remember ladies, if you expect your man to treat you nice tomorrow then be prepared to return the favour on the male Valentine’s Day. “What Male Valentine’s Day?” I hear you say? It’s called Steak and Blowjob Day and it’s on March 14th, oh I’m not making this shit up either, look: The name pretty much spells it out, and hey considering all the money and shit you make us guys go through for Valentine’s Day a simple steak and a BJ isn’t asking all that much really ladies.

This morning I was going through some ideas quickly before I started to draw this week’s cartoon, which incidentally has now become next weeks, and I came across one that simply said: “Soft porn: Really hardcore porn, but in a soft case” and it made me think…..what else could be ‘soft’, then I thought that soft teddy bears going at it would be funny and oh hey what great timing with Valentine’s Day tomorrow I could have one holding a love heart, perfect! So there wasn’t much brainstorming on this one, it was quite easy, look at one idea get another….just how I like it. Also, I really enjoyed drawing teddy bears humping….I’m weird like that.

Now I don’t know if you noticed a difference in the line-work on this cartoon, but I decided to revisit one of my old methods of inking. This one was draw by hand on paper then traced on special laser-jet paper that doesn’t bleed and then inked by hand with pens. Now up until now I’ve been drawing the cartoon and inking it on the same thicker paper, but I found that the ink bled, not much, but enough to bother me. So using the laser-jet paper is what I used to always do, the only reason I stopped was that it took a bit longer (with the tracing and all) and I was experimenting with methods. I do really like this method though, I get a really nice crisp, smooth line that I think suits my style, so I may stick to using this method again. What do you think?

Alrighty, I’m going to go do some more work on next weeks, mobile phone gag. See you soon!


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  1. A very nice informational blog.Keep on making such important blog post.Your work is really being appreciated by some one.

  2. Thanks a lot! My goal when I started this blog was not only to show cartoons but try and be informative about there creation as well, as it's taken me years to get the skills to do cartoons, so I thought it would be good to share!

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