Dorothy: The College Years

So remember how one of my new years resolutions was to have some extra cartoons drawn up and ready to go in case of emergencies and so I can have a day off every now and again so I don’t have to keep posting up old stuff? Well, it was going well until I have a day off one week and then the next week an emergency came up! Last week I had an awesomely relaxing day on the couch playing video games, this week my lovely lady Penelope has been really sick with a very painful ear infection for the last couple of days. Today it got so bad I had to take her to the hospital. The problem is that she’s 30 weeks pregnant, so she can’t take all the really awesome painkillers, but we did get some pretty good ones and some ear drops. She’s currently in bed, finally catching some must needed sleep. My poor baby……So it’s been a pretty hectic day and I’ve had no spare time at all so here’s an old classic cartoon from my vault…..wait is that Comic Sans? Damn, I hate that font (I’n not alone, look at this:, why the hell did I use that? Wow, this must be an old one, I stopped using that god-awful font many years ago. Just out of interest, the font I do use now is called Komika Text, which is found here:, isn’t that way better?

Anyway, short and sweet today my friends, tell you what though I am getting a really good collection of ideas going now so hopefully I’ll get to churn out a whole bunch really soon, I was going to do a mobile phone joke today. I’ll do it next week now, I only really nutted out all the kinks for the visuals in my head whilst waiting in the emergency room this morning, so maybe delaying it was a good thing. I won’t ruin the surprise, you’ll just have to wait, that and for the Transformers sex joke I mentioned last week!

I’ll be back on Friday for some more Friday Night Art, see you then!

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