Hitting Rock Bottom(less)

Happy Monday my friends!

It’s taken me many years of practice to perfect my system of brainstorming cartoon ideas, and I have a pretty good system now. In the old days I could sometimes spend a whole day brainstorming and come up with nothing, now I just spend a couple of hours on Sunday night and I usually get a few good ideas down. Last night for example was quite a good session I must say, the pinnacle being this idea, which I’m very proud of I must say. I’ve said it before, but one of the reasons I do what I do is for that awesome feeling of satisfaction that you get from brainstorming a really good idea. I was on a roll last night, so much so that I didn’t want to stop! I ended up going to bed at about midnight and only because I was almost passing out on my desk! This Idea came from an idea in one of my notebooks that simple said: “A bottomless cup of coffee upset because he has no but”. I saw that and thought the whole bottomless coffee thing was good idea, so I thought about what else would be a disadvantage when having no bottom. For some reason my mind went straight to anal sex, I know it’s hard to believe isn’t it? Then I thought about how a gay bottomless cup of coffee would get ostracised by the gay community for having no bottom and a gay club came to mind. I think it was at this point the whole idea formed in my head and I got that warm fuzzy feeling I mentioned earlier and got very excited! I also though that this would also be a good cartoon for the challenge that Dan gave me last week to do a cartoon about difference between good and bad coffee! Ha, two birds, one stone….actually I still think I’ll do a cartoon more about the differences between bad and good coffee, being the massive coffee snob that I am.

So after I finished this idea I worked on some other ideas, some complete, others still need more work. Now, every now and again when you brainstorm humor ideas you come up with something a bit weird and sometimes you come up with ideas that are just going to be way too hard, or near impossible to draw…..I had an idea that fit into both those categories last night…..are you ready for it?  Ok so the idea was: The TV show Lost where the characters are played by sperm and the island they’re stuck on is the pages of a porn magazine stuck under a teenage boys mattress! How good is that? I wouldn’t even know where to start trying to draw that, it would have to be a big comic strip of sorts. What would I call it? Hey, you never know, one day I may attempt it. So as you can tell, my mind was is a weird, strange, wonderful place last night.

On the weekend I finally got to pick up the joint Xmas present my lady and I gave to each other, an Asus Transformer Prime Tablet! It has a cool keyboard dock, so I’m hoping to do more writing and bloging now. Man it’s awesome! So now I have even less excuses to not do blog updates!

Ok, better go and work on cartoon #2, of which was meant to be the cartoon I was going to post today (it was an idea I came up with the other day) but I was so excited about doing this one that it ‘jumped the queue’ so to say. Look out for another Friday Art this Friday night as well! See ya!


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  1. Ah Brinksy, just wrong!!! 🙂

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