Build It and They Will Come

Welcome to the first new cartoon of the year! If you were reading last week you’d know that I’m attempting some new years resolutions this year in regards to this blog, already failed on the mid-week update thing, sorry I’ll try again this week. Hey baby steps! The other is to have some cartoons on standby ready to go so I can have a day off every now and again, that one is going well. I have another sketch done and ready to go and once I finish typing this up I’ll do some more work on it so all is good!

Last night I had a really good brainstorming session, I came up with the 2 ideas I’ve drawn today and a few others that need some polishing. Damn it’s a good feeling to work out some awesome ideas, in fact last night I had a really good idea about an art project I’m going to try that involves ideas. I’ll keep you posted on that one as I nut out the details and do some test runs. As you may or may not know I have a love/hate relationship with Ikea, I like their products, hell I even like going to the stores (those Swedish meatballs and $1 hot-dogs are the bomb) but I goddamn hate putting the stupid shit together with a passion. Last time I wrestled with an Allen key I Tweeted something along the lines of “Now I know how UFC fighters work themselves up before a fight, they attempt to build Ikea furniture”. Which was the first part I used for this idea, the second I found as I was going through my notebooks last night and came across the idea “The real reason why the Angry Birds are so angry”. So all I did was combine the two ideas to form this cartoon idea! Combining things is fun, like Scotch and Dry…hmmmm i could go a scotch right about now…. So in the past year I’ve done 2 Ikea cartoons and 2 Angry Birds cartoon….what does that say? I spend too much time playing Angry Birds and attempting to construct Ikea furniture?  Maybe.

Alrighty, I better do some more work, even though it is stupidly hot here today, hopefully my sweaty hand won’t stick to the page….wait, that came out wrong….So I’ll once again attempt to upload something of interest during the week, possibly on Friday night, who knows, see you then!


(I need a cool sign off catch phrase)

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  1. I think it needs the caption "How angry birds got so angry", pretty awesome tho brinksy! I understand why they are so angry…..

  2. Ha! Funny you mention that! It was supposed to and I forgot and remembered about an hour after I posted this.
    It's all fixed now, can't believe I forgot! I blame this insane heat we've had today

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  4. Thank you very much, glad you like it!

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