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Welcome again to another Monday cartoon!

This morning I was happy with the cartoon I’d brainstormed last night, all was good with the world…until Google shot me down and I discovered how much of an idiot I am. Let me explain, love him or hate him Michael Bay movies are often over the top massive, big movies with not much substance. Hence the joke on this one that a Michael Bay would look pretty awesome but be full of crap, like most of his movies. Strangely enough I actually like most of his movies, sometimes I just like to switch off my brain and watch big shit blow up, what can I say, I’m a dude, it’s what we do. Now up until today I always thought that you got food from a ‘Bay Marie’, so the original idea I had was that there was this huge Bay Marie with lights and signs and everything way over the top, but inside was just a few shrivelled potatoes. In doing my visual research this morning I’ve typed in ‘Bay Marie’ into Google Images. Panic set in as I discovered I’m a complete idiot and that it’s actually a “BAIN Marie”. Still not sure what I’m talking about? All these years I’ve been calling the stupid things Bay Maries! It was such a damn good idea too! So I did panic for a bit, then I calmed down and thought, “No, damn it, it’s still a good idea I just need to change it”. So I referred to my best friend Goggle (I use Google search and Image search to develop ideas all the time) searched for ‘Bay’ and I got pages and images of Bays, in fact the first Image that comes up is of Byron Bay, which I used as a reference for the background of this cartoon. So all I did was adapt the idea using an actual Bay instead of a Bain Marie, which wouldn’t make much sense really. I’m so thankful I checked otherwise I would have ended up looking even stupider! Now the real challenge is to come up with a idea about a Bain Marie……

Last week I asked if you guys can throw some subjects my way as a challenge for cartoon ideas…..I only got one response, oh well, thanks Ben! I’m working on it. I didn’t think I could do it, but I came up with something, the basic idea is there but I just need to brainstorm it some more, it’s not quite there yet. But seriously people throw me some more idea suggestions! I love a challenge!

It’s coming up to the business end of the year, I have to work on the Monday the 26th as it’s Boxing Day here in Australia, the biggest shopping day of the year, so I’ll try and do 2 cartoons next week in preparation so you don’t miss out, I’ll try and do some Xmas themed ones! Wait Xmas is 2 friggin’ weeks away!! Holy shit! I’ve got nothing ready! AHHHHHH!

Ok, until next week!


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