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Greetings my dear friends! Last week one of my good friends and work colleagues, Robb made a Facebook comment on last weeks cartoon, which was “haha. awesome! can you please base your next one on chermside parking!”. Rob and I both work at a retail store in the Westfield (the company that owns the centre in case you were wondering) Chermside Shopping Centre, and recently they introduced paid parking there. Which has many people really pissed off, mainly communters who used to park there and us poor staff who have to pay to go to work now and can’t always find a damn park. Initially I wasn’t all that phased as I only work 12 hours a week there anyway and only use the staff parking on Thursday nights. But that was until I had to endure the ‘bottle neck’ of staff all trying to leave the staff parking on a Thursday night through the only 2 damn exits there! Seriously I only live a suburb away (in fact I live on the same freakin’ road as the shopping centre!) yet it sometimes takes my 1/2 an hour to get home! One night I got home a 1/4 to 10, the place shuts at 9! 45 Goddamn minutes! 45! Ahhhhh! Anyway, normally I’m not a fan of cartoon requests as usually it’s pretty hard and I don’t like to disappoint.

So all week, I’ve been thinking that I’d at least give it a shot, but I didn’t have high expectations really. Last night I sat down to brainstorm some ideas. I even came up with another unrelated cartoon about zombies that I was going to do, but I ended up having a lot of fun and came up with quite a few ideas in the end! I ended up filling 2 pages of an A5 notepad with notes, I won’t list them all but here’s the basics of how the idea flowed:

-Paid Parking
– Westfield makes shitloads
– Pissed off commuters
– Introducing it in other places
– Revenge on the Westfield big nobs (this was the first idea, I was going to have the Westfield guys eating at a restaurant and the waiter charging them a massive parking fee for parking at the restaurant)
– The massive terms and conditions sign at the entrance
– Next they charge you for parking your butt too long (Idea #2, a guy getting charged for sitting on the toilet too long taking a dump)
-I’d like to park my foot up the arse of who’s idea it was
– What else will Westfield charge for next?
– Here’s where the final idea came from!
The first thing I came up with was the caption strangely enough, and it took me a little while to get exactly what the speech text and image would be. In fact I had a few different ones but this final one came to me while I was laying in bed last night. Now, if you’ve ever been to Westfield Chermside then you know all too well that it’s home to some of the slowest walking people on the planet. It annoys the shit out of me so much, hence why I thought I’d have a dig at them as well. I mean why do they dawdle so much? And they walk side by side as well!! I swear I’m a moron magnet as people constantly walk in front of me at that place, it shits me off like you wouldn’t believe. One day I’ll bring a cattle prod to work and zap the fuckers. 

I enjoyed doing this far more than I thought I would, so what about doing this as a semi-regular thing? You guys give me a subject and I’ll do a cartoon. Just remember that it’s not just you reading it, but it saying that I enjoyed the challenge of making this cartoon funny for everyone, not just people who shop at Chermside. What do you think? Please feel free to email me or hit me up on my Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/brinkscartoons

At least I have a zombie gag I can do next week now if no one has any better ideas.

Until next time!


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