Son of a Clown!

Look, I know I said I’d have a brand new cartoon for you this week, but I didn’t get a chance again sorry. I promise I’ll have a new one next week, I promise this time, trust me. But in my own defence I have a really good reason this week as this morning whist my son was at daycare my lady and I were at the hospital, where she was getting her 19 week scan….yep, we’re having another baby boy! Hence why I chose a baby related cartoon from the old vault and as you may know I really do love making fun of Ronald McDonald (and his ‘crew’)….can’t say why, I just do.

So I did have a few hours spare this afternoon, not enough time to do a cartoon, or maybe, but I didn’t want to rush it and do something half-arsed. Anyway I had something much more frustrating to do anyway. As I’ve mentioned over the last couple of weeks, we just moved house, we needed a few new things so we went out to Ikea yesterday. Some of the things we bought were too big for our car so we got them delivered today, 3 things in all; 2 shelving units and a sofa bed thing. In my spare couple of hours I thought I could knock out the 2 shelving units at least, oh how wrong I was…..I won’t go into the details but after several cock-ups on my part (I blame the awfully vague picture diagram instruction bullshit…..that and I’m handyman retarded). I seriously contemplated smashing it to pieces and buying a new one. I was thinking “$79 for a couple of minutes of relief and pleasure, it’s cheaper than a prostitute at least, with very similar result (just more messy…or maybe not, depends what gets you off I guess). I think it was the annoying long drive (a trip I made friggin’ twice yesterday as I forgot a vital piece of my son’s new bed!) back to Ikea that stopped me in the end, that and I’m sure Penelope wouldn’t have been very impressed with me. How do you say “Shove you damn Allen Key up your ass!” in Swedish anyway? I’m pretty sure I’ll be doing an Ikea themed cartoon next week, just a heads up….stupid little fucking Allen keys, god I hate them!

Until next week!


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