Sly Predator

Have you ever sat there and wondered “How would a Predator stash his porn?”? No, just me then…oh well.

So I’ve been putting off doing this cartoon for the last couple weeks as I knew it was going to be a bit of a challenge to draw, mind you I do love a challenge, but I’m a master procrastinator so it took me a few weeks. Sometimes it’s a good idea to sit on an idea for a bit to refine it and think it over some more in your head, this is a perfect example. You see the original idea was that the Predator was using his cloaking device to cloak his big box of porn, but after awhile the nerd in me realised that, that was dumb, as the female Predator would still see it now wouldn’t she? Eventually I thought that the best way for a Predator to hide something was to cover it in mud like ol’ Arnie did in the first movie. I had to be careful with this one as I didn’t want to resort to dumbing it down by using a caption, so therefore I had to make sure that the Predators at least looked like Predators (once again thank you Google image search! I’d be screwed without you). I really enjoyed drawing a Predator wearing a apron by the way, hehehhe. Originally she had hair rollers in, but it looked a little too silly I thought and didn’t work with the dreads either. I did place the very obvious “Mud” on the bucket of mud as I was worried people wouldn’t get it, in fact I still have that worry now, well if you’ve never seen Predator….then go see it, it’s awesome, damn….go get the other 2 they’re good as well, go on I’ll wait.  Anyway so this did take me a little bit longer to draw than normal because of how much detail, hence why it’s  now 8:45pm and I still haven’t posted this yet, shit I should get a move on!

Funny story about a box of porn, last time I moved cities quite a few years ago I made the tough choice to finally ditch my box of porn I’d accumulated during puberty (I wasn’t dragging the damn thing halfway around the state). Now, where can you dump a box of porn? Fucks me, I just left it in the shed of the house I moved out of, my thinking was I’m pretty sure the real estate won’t call me up to tell me I left a box of porn behind! Ha! Man that would be an awkward phone call! I should have found some teenage boys who needed it….except that’s kind of creepy and possibly illegal, plus I’m sure it would have freaked them out anyway as this was mid to early 90’s porn mags, back when ladies were a lot more hairier than in porn these days……ahhh the good old days, wait a minute is ‘good’ the right word here? If only the Internet was around when I was a teenager, my box of porn would be full of discs!

All right I better go, hope you like the ‘toon, see you next week!


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  1. ROFL! Niiice!
    I love the "Hunt the cook". ^_^

  2. Cheers buddy! I love throwing those subtle jokes in there every now and again.

  3. D'oh, i thought it said "Hunt the cock". LMAO

  4. Holy crap it kind of does!

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