Just Say No

Hello again! So today I was told by my wonderful lady that I needed a day off to myself as I was worn out. Yes it’s true, I’m bad like that I’ll keep going until someone forces me to stop, but there’s always so much to do! So, I dug into my ‘vault’ of old cartoons this week so I can have a nice relaxing day of doing sweet FA…..

A quick note on this cartoon though: I always go on about how difficult it can be to write humorous cartoon ideas, but every now and again, they can just magically pop! Into your brain, it’s a rare and wonderful thing I must say. Like this one! One day I was grocery shopping and I noticed a sign saying “Say no to plastic bags” and the first thought that popped into my head? “Say no, what are the bags trying to sell me weed or something?” I really like the idea of a plastic bag trying to sell weed….am I alone here?

Easy done, anyway I hope you like it, I’ll be back next week with some new material now that my creative juices have had a recharge, until then, see ya!


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