August 2011

annoying things

I Come to Clean Zee Pool

What up? How are we all? So this week I don’t have much to talk about in regards to how I got this idea honestly. I was reading though one of my old big book…

How to Cartoon

Now That Is Smart

What up my peeps? Welcome to another wonderful Monday cartoon! So as usual, I have a bit of a journey story to explain how I got to the joke for this cartoon. One of these…

Angry Birds

Kermit’s Angry Junk

Hello again my friends, how are we all? So last night, as usual on a Sunday night, I was brainstorming some ideas for today’s cartoon when I decided that I really wanted to do an…

On the Brink

Daredevil Dave Returns

Greetings my friends! How are we all? That’s good. I’m sure most of you may be thinking “Daredevil Dave Returns? Returns from what?” Well, you see Dave is an old regular of sorts for me….

On the Brink

Chief vs Chef

This week’s cartoon is one for the gaming nerds out there. As you may or may not know I’m a big gamer myself (I work in a games department of a retail store, so no…