The Morning Trip

Hello again! Welcome to another instalment of the Brinks Cartoon Blog! Have you ever noticed how its always obvious what a comedian does during the day by the subject matter of their material? Especially the one’s that stay at home with their kids. It’s the same with cartoonists generally, which brings me to this weeks cartoon! Can you guess what I do every morning now? When my son was younger I used to enjoy watching TV I wanted to watch in the morning, usually the Today show, of which I used to get quite a bit of good material from it. But in the last few months my boy has taken a more controlling interest in TV, I have no one to blame but myself really (I was raised on TV, so go figure). So our mornings are usually filled with the ABC4 Kids channel, and last week they started showing Yo Gabba Gabba. Holy shit, have you ever watched it? I hadn’t until then and holy shit that’s some weird tripped out stuff. I’d love to sit in on their writing ‘sessions’ on that show, that’s for sure. It’s like Spongebob, apparently the main audience for that show is young kids and stoners, how funny is that? Does that mean kids think like stoners? There’s an odd thought. The first time I saw Yo Gabba Gabba, I actually said to Pen “Man I feel like I dropped acid in my coffee”, and there you go, boom! One cartoon idea in the bag! In fact my first thought was “Man that’s good, I should Tweet that” but I never got a chance to, and a few days later I was thinking that it might actually make a better cartoon instead, what do you think? I think this is why I fail at Twitter, all my clever witty statements I keep for my cartoons.

I’ve noticed lately that adult ways of thinking always seem to ruin children’s entertainment, what kids see and what we see are two very different and opposite things. A kid sees Yo Gabba Gabba and thinks “Wow, cool! That guy in the orange is funny!”, where as adults see it and think “Holy shit! What drugs are these guys on!” Another fine example is the show Lazy Town, which is another weird kids show where a town full of lazy people (these weird looking puppet things) have this strange sports obsessed weirdo living in an airship above the town who hangs out with kids all the time and gives them all ‘sports candy’ (fruit, well that’s what he says it is,I just hope there’s no rohypnol in those damn things). So kids see it and go “Yay! Sportacus saved the day again!”, where I’m thinking “Holy shit that ‘roided up paedo better have a Blue Card”. Seriously, there’s some freaky Paedophile shit going on in that show, that dude hangs out with that young chick way too much, any guy who spends that much time into looking that fit is usually doing it to get laid, why else would you? Anyway, do you see my point here? Speaking of Paedo’s, Pen and I have this running joke with one of the characters from Thomas the Tank Engine (oh holy shit I’ve put in some serious hours in the goddamn “Island of Sodor”, that’s for sure, my boy Dash has a mad love for Thomas) a tractor named Trevor who is seriously obsessed with ‘children’ that’s all he ever talks about! We call him “Trevor the Paedo”. Mind you we should probably stop doing that, that’s all I need is for my boy referring to a Thomas character as that! Imagine if he saw him at daycare and said “Trevor the Paedo!” Seriously I could rant on and on about Children’s TV, which is kind of sad really, god I miss you Today show! Karl! Where for art thou Karl! So why do adults always feel the need to apply adult ways of thinking to something so innocent and sweet as children’s entertainment? So tomorrow morning as you sit there drinking your coffee watching some serious adult morning show, think of me on the other channel tripping balls watching some weird dude dressed in orange play with some dolls……

So I may do one more cartoon about kid’s TV soon (I have a good idea, I wanna do), I’ll try not to do it all the time….pretty sure I could though! Which reminds me I have a really wrong idea about Bob the Builder, I won’t say what it is yet as I’m trying to find a way to tone it down and improve it without offending to many people!

Ok better go, I could rant on for hours about the finer points of paedophile superheroes but I won’t, so until next time kiddies! Same Bat time, same Bat URL…..


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