Romance is in the Air

Greetings again my friends! This cartoon idea came about by accident, which I love it when that happens! And in fact I was slightly panicking this morning as I wasn’t 100% sure what I was going to draw today! I had a few rough ideas and even with this one I hadn’t fully figured out what I was doing with it until this morning. So a few weeks ago I got out all my old inked cartoons as I was going through them to see if there was any I wanted to redo. I had a pile of pages sitting on my desk of cartoons I was looking at updating. For awhile there I was drawing 2 cartoons per A4 page, so the page that happened to be on top of the pile had one cartoon I was going to redo and the other I wasn’t. My lovely lady Penelope happen to notice this top page the next day and told me that she really liked the cartoon, which one? Yep you guessed it, the other one, typical really. So it made me reconsider it. The original gag was a male and female love doll couple in a delivery room and the woman had just given birth to two beach balls. So instead of just redrawing it, I thought I’d give it a complete overall. This gag is also inspired from this awesome Family Guy moment here. I really do hate those damn inflatable tube men, they give me the shits. This is also one of those rare cartoons with no text at all! How good is that? Now my work can be ignored by everybody regardless of what language they speak! And I’m pretty sure this also marks the tenth or so love doll gag I’ve done, hey if it ain’t broke…..not that I’ve ever owned a love doll or anything….no really. Speaking of which why is it that it’s perfectly socially acceptable for woman to own a sex toy like a dildo but not for a guy? If a guy owns a flesh light (look it up…actually no, allow me! Hahaha! Wait look at this one!, now where’s the order button…..oh, anyway) or a love doll he’s seen as a lonely desperate weirdo! Does this make up for the whole ‘Men can’t be sluts’ thing? So thanks to Penelope for helping me with this one, so it’s dedicated to her. It’s also good to see my new parental skills haven’t completely gone to waste, as I now know how to draw a kids pram! Sure it’s being pushed by a love doll and it has a beach ball in it, but hey.

So today I had to go see a Physio, as my body has pretty much shat itself from all the intense rigours of being a stay at home parent. No I’m serious, as my 17 month old is still not walking yet and enjoys his Daddy cuddles a tad too much, I end up carrying the heavy boy quite a lot. Plus I was carrying a heavy nappy bag, slung over the same shoulder all the time. My body pretty much said, ‘enough is enough’ and went on strike, by crippling my knees and calves and destroying my shoulders and upper back, which gave me a wonderful dull ache in my head. If my body was a car, I’d seriously be trading it for a newer, better working model by now. But I can’t blame my boy fully so it seems, apparently I can’t walk properly! How’s the irony of that? Here I am complaining that Dash can’t walk and he’s friggin’ Dad can’t even do it properly! So when I walk I roll my feet inwards slightly which puts undue stress on my knees, so I need to get special shoe inserts! While I was there the guy also worked over my right side of my shoulder and back, and when I say work over, I mean put me through severe pain, like being forced to watch a full back to back season of Glee. But now my right side feels awesome, to bad my left side feels unappreciated and like shit, but hey, you get done what you can in that 45 minute session window I guess. But now my back and shoulders feel like the Minogue sisters, one side is jealous that the other is far better and not annoying the piss out of me. One other thing he did do was this thing where he cracked my spine by lying a towel on my back and pushing down really hard! Don’t get me wrong, it felt good….after that is. It’s just hearing your spine make loud cracking noises in rather off-putting I must say. I can’t for next Monday when I have to go back for some more pain, and hopefully fix my left side.

Alrighty, it’s getting late and I’ve already missed the good ‘social networking peak time’ to post something, so less people will probably read this so I better just throw it up! Until next time kiddies!


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  1. 10:46pm and it's my first laugh for the day! Love it mate!

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