Safety in Suction

Greetings! I’ve just returned from a nice relaxing holiday with some of my family in Far North Queensland (where winter doesn’t seem to exist), that and the fact that today is another god damn public holiday (The Queen’s Birthday, really? Does anyone care about her birthday?) I’m dishing up and old cartoon again. This time I though I’d pick one that I can remember exactly how I got the idea and this one also has another element I like to throw in where I can, where if someone directly inspires the idea (or just gives me the idea) I try to credit them by either using their name in the cartoon somehow or actually draw them in it. Credit where credit is due I say. 

So my dear friend Mindy was the inspiration for this idea, which came from a group conversation one day where, for some reason, she happen to mention how much difficulty she seems to have with shower sex and we all joked that she should get some suction caps like a human fly. To be perfectly honest I’m pretty sure this conversation happened either during or after a big night of various substance abuse (can anyone remember? It’s all rather blurry I must say, shock horror there) as some pretty strange ideas flew about, I think at some point she’d become a shower sex crime fighter. Anyway, so I happen to think at the time, “damn that could be a great cartoon” (or maybe someone said it would be, god knows, once again kind of blurry, plus it was many years ago as well) so I remembered it, which I often don’t I must say, my memory sucks. If I can ever give advice for brainstorming ideas it is to write down everything! I have notebooks full of crap everywhere, there’s even a text document on my phone with ideas in it.

Now I always intended to use Mindy’s name in the caption, and as an added bonus I thought I’d drawn her likeness in there as well….well her hair anyway! When I started drawing it I deliberately drew her chest just a tad larger, which brings me to my next piece of advice; if you ever draw a woman you know, always ‘boost’ her chest, it’s always a safe bet to go bigger than smaller for your own personal safety, plus it’s always a nice compliment (hell if someone drew a cartoon of me with a massive crotch, I ain’t complaining) So this cartoon is dedicated to Mindy, who hopefully after all these years has her shower ‘business’ all sorted by now 😉

I always love it when people give me cartoon ideas, but please don’t be offended if I never use them, you never know though, one idea always leads to another. So feel free to throw any my way, and if I do use it, I’ll try and put you in it somehow! I’m also quite proud of the name of this one as well “Safety in Suction” is perfect! I always try and put some effort in the what I call each cartoon, most of the time it’s just an obvious description but every now and again I like to try a witty title just to prove how damn clever I am.

Alright, I’m going to bed I have a killer headache. See you all back here next week for a brand new cartoon!


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