June 2011

On the Brink

The Morning Trip

Hello again! Welcome to another instalment of the Brinks Cartoon Blog! Have you ever noticed how its always obvious what a comedian does during the day by the subject matter of their material? Especially the one’s that…

On the Brink

Romance is in the Air

Greetings again my friends! This cartoon idea came about by accident, which I love it when that happens! And in fact I was slightly panicking this morning as I wasn’t 100% sure what I was going…

On the Brink

Safety in Suction

Greetings! I’ve just returned from a nice relaxing holiday with some of my family in Far North Queensland (where winter doesn’t seem to exist), that and the fact that today is anotherĀ god damn public holiday…

On the Brink

Shark Attack!

So If all goes according to plan I’m posting this blog from Mareeba in North Queensland where I’m on holiday for a week with some of my family. That’s if nothing goes wrong that is!


My Latest Creation

Behold my latest creation….purple Volley’s!! As I’ve mentioned before I have a slight obsession with the colour purple, so awhile ago I bought some plain white Volleys, some masking tape and a can of purple…