Travelator Fashion Police

Check it out, even travelators try to caution you on the dangers of how bad Crocs look!

I really want to graffiti this sign so it says “caution, Crocs are hideous looking footwear” but this is at the shopping centre I work at and I’m also a pussy, so I probably won’t. I could use a sticker though couldn’t I? Hmmmmmm.

Hopefully travelators can also start warning people about the horrors of mullet hair styles next. Mind you if they did, there’s certain shopping centres in Brisbane that would lose most of their customers if they did that, I’m looking at you Morayfield.


Readers Comments (3)

  1. But, if Morayfield did do that, shoplifting would go down 78%…….

  2. Ha! Too true, maybe if they banned flannel shirts the other 22% would piss off as well

  3. last time I saw Dan D he had a flannel shirt on. touche.

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