The Animal Farm

Well I said I’d post a cartoon every Monday and damn it I’m gonna do it! I’m typing this at 11:58pm, so technically it’s still Monday! Sure it still won’t be when I’m done, but it’s the principle damn it! The reason I’m still doing this so late? There’s a few actually, one is that this is a more detailed cartoon than normal so it took longer than usual (more on that later) and the other is a TV showed called An Idiot Abroad, that I was watching tonight, holy crap it’s one of the funniest TV shows I’ve ever seen! The problem now is that I’ll be posting this up not during ‘peak social media’ times, so I may not get many visits from Facebook of Twitter….damn. Speaking of which I need more people to read this blog and like the Facebook page, help me spread the word please!

So onto this weeks cartoon; this cartoon has been very experimental for me, although I do have plenty of ideas ready to go (some more disturbing than others) I still try and come up with new one’s just before I do them just to see if I can, and to keep pushing and testing myself. This one came from an idea brainstorming session late last night….wait it’s past midnight, I meant 2 nights ago…..While going through an old notebook I happen to come across an idea listed as: “Lion Renting a Mating Doco” The original idea was a lion going into a video shop to rent a lion mating documentary like a human male rents porn. But I thought it would be much better if I had an animal porn shop and what would be the most popular doco’s for animals to use as porn? Why only the best, David Attenborough doco’s! I really like this cartoon idea as it’s a lot more subtle than my usual stuff, and I love subtle humour that makes you think. You see for years I worked for the motorcycle magazine Live to Ride (I know absolutely squat about motorbikes, shit I didn’t even had a car license back then, but smut is smut), supplying them with single panel smutty cartoons. But one of their prerequisites was that the jokes needed to be simple and pretty much spelt out other wise they wouldn’t buy them off me. So over the years I got into the habit of really dumbing down the joke and make it really obvious, usually via the caption text or though speech bubbles, and it’s been hard to lose those habits I must say.

So one of my goals in doing this blog is to experiment with jokes and art so I can always improve and get better at what I do. I’m never happy doing the same old style, that’s boring, how else do you improve? One thing I’ve gotten really lazy with over the last few years is my background detail, so over the next few weeks I plan to do some experimenting with backgrounds and not ‘zoom’ in so much so you can see more. This week I thought I’d have some fun with the background and the overall detail in the scene, so I threw a few visual jokes here and there. At the front the massive horse dildo is called the “Ed 2000” (It’s probably hard to read) in honour of good old Mr Ed. Also at the front with the rest of the “Horse Sex Toys” is a rather disturbing inflatable love jockey, what all lonely horses need. If you look on the back wall I made a poster up for a movie called “Debbi Does Lassie” and on the counter there’s a sign stating “No Hay”, just in case some cheap skate horses try and pay with hay….what would they pay with then? Oh and one last thing of note is the name of the animal sex shop “Animal Farm”, like the book? No, you see when I was in high-school back in the 90’s there apparently was a notorious porno called “Animal Farm” that was just a full on bestiality, sick thing. Honestly I never did find out if it was real or just some urban myth, and if it is real do I really want to watch it anyway?? So I thought I’d place that nice little homage in there for anyone who gets it. So I had a lot of fun putting all that stuff in there, so I hope to keep it up (if I can, it was very time consuming, especially all those damn doco DVD covers!) and try and experiment some more.

Holy crap, look at the time, I better go to bed….oh damn I didn’t get to tell a mildly amusing story, I’ll try and put something up during the week ok? Hope you enjoy the ‘toon! Oh and please feel free to leave me any feedback, sorry to the guys that have been, I didn’t have it set up properly to let me know when I got feedback so I replied a tad late. 



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