Going the Extra Mile

Another week gone by another new cartoon! Once again not without a challenge to test my resolve, no not another public holiday or illness. This time the challenge came from within! Yes my own son challenged how well his dad can function and complete a cartoon with very little sleep! For some unknown reason (unless he’s testing me!) he woke up at 2am very upset last night and I finally got back to bed at 4am, only to then get up again at about 6:45. But you’d be surprised the weird and wonderful places your mind can and will go to when it’s deprived of sleep, which leads me to this week’s cartoon…

Wait, I hear you say, is that a Tiger Woods sex joke? A bit late on that one? Well yes and no. Technically not entirely a Tiger joke, I just threw him in there for effect. This is the combination of 2 old unfinished ideas I’ve had floating around for some time now, but I’m getting ahead of myself here. One of my many notebooks has a page in it that has brief descriptions of pretty much complete or very near complete cartoon ideas and I was going to use one today, but I thought I’d still work on some new ideas first and see what comes up. After awhile I was coming up dry so I consulted another old notebook that has a list of ‘almost there’ cartoon ideas (you’d be amazed by the shear quantity of notes I have, quite a few trees have died in honor of my smutty ramblings) and one was “Un-erotic Visual Aids” which got me thinking and I thought of combining this with another old idea about a golf caddy ‘assiting’ in the bedroom and ta-da! I’ve always found “Man Mantra’s” very funny, which ladies if you don’t know what I’m talking about, to ‘perform’ longer some of us men sometimes employ very un-erotic mental images to help make things last longer and sometimes you need to repeat that thought over and over with a mental ‘mantra’. Of which the one I find the funniest is ‘Dead puppies, dead puppies, dead puppies….’. A close second is one my brother-in-law Matt told me years ago which is ‘Granny on the shitter’. Of course these techniques are sometimes fraught with danger, if you’re picturing and old granny talking a big shit and it has the opposite effect then you have more pressing issues to be concerned with rather than sexual performance.

Please feel free to share some other ‘Man Mantra’s’ that you know of.

Here’s a new fun game to play! Called “Spot the Purple”…..hmmm sounds like Spot from the kids books getting choked doesn’t it? As anyone who knows me well will tell you, I have an almost unhealthy obsession with the colour purple….It’s funny how it just started as a favourite colour and now it’s bordering on obsessive, how does that happen? Is this how crazy cat ladies start, first one cat then next thing you realize you knee deep in kitty litter and cat shit. Anyway, if you look carefully (or not, it’s not that hard) you’ll notice in all my new cartoons there’s always something coloured purple in there somewhere. Go on, have a look, last week it was just a tie, this week it’s a golf club cover. Cool hey? Strangely enough my fine lady Penelope (Lady Penelope to you) the other day actually suggested that I should start hiding purple in my cartoons, not realising I’ve already been doing it! See, we just get each other, awwwwww…. I’d love to say the idea was mine entirely but no, one of my all time favourite single panel cartoons, Bizarro (http://www.bizarro.com/) by Dan Pirao has lots of cool weird things hidden in all his cartoons. Check out his wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bizarro_(comic_strip) page to see what I mean, pure genius! I love that man, he’s my idol.

Anyway I can feel all the caffeine in my system disappearing like a Beijing iPad 2 (http://www.news.com.au/business/breaking-news/four-hurt-in-ipad-2-riot-at-beijing-apple-store/story-e6frfkur-1226051999899 Ha! I read the newspaper this morning for ideas and it paid off!) So I need sleep before I collapse….oh and this is also my excuse for any spelling or grammatical errors in this weeks blog, as opposed to me just being kind of shit every other week. Goodnight!


PS. If this post looks different, like the cartoon looks small (You can still click on it to get the full size) it’s because Blogger was playing up tonight and I had to revert to the old text entry system which I’m not use to. I’ll fix it when I can.

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