Do You Want Fries With That?

Hello again, another week another cartoon! Unlike last week this one is brand spanking new! Just finished it a few minutes ago in fact. I’m very proud of myself on this one as, once again, today is a public holiday and my son’s daycare is closed. So I didn’t have the usual convenience of having a whole day to myself to create a cartoon, so this one was done in my spare time at night over the past week. To be perfectly honest I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to pull it off (I’m not much of a ‘night worker’ I must say) but I did it! Yay me! That’s how dedicated I am to entertaining you lot, I promised a cartoon every Monday and I intend to keep that promise damn-it!  I hope you all like it, it’s another one of those old ideas I’ve had floating around for some time now, which means I have no idea how I thought it up originally. I’m a big fan of play on words jokes, like misheard words, there’s so much gold there if you look hard enough. Burglar is an awesome word that sounds and rhymes so much! I’ve actually got a really old cartoon idea that I’ve never really been brave enough to do that involves a mix up a kids party where the parents meant to hire the Ham Burglar but they got an adult entertainer called The Ham Gurglar instead….what do you think, too far? Seriously, if enough people like it I’ll do it, just dare me…..

Last week I created the Brinks Cartoons Facebook Page! Check it out here: The idea for this was all my friend Dean’s, I was talking to him a few weeks ago about the fact I needed to promote the blog more and he suggested it. I’m kind of surprised I didn’t think of it myself actually, anyway cheers Dean! Check it out and ‘like’ me people! I need your approval, I crave it…..
Next stop, world domination bitches!!

Ok here’s a random story: the other day my son and I were at a shopping centre and I went into the movie theatre to but tickets for myself and my lady to go see Thor later on that night. You see we organised a friend to babysit for the night as I needed to see this movie, as I’m a massive comic nerd (“wait, he’s a comic nerd and he’s reproduced!” I hear you say, well what can I say….I’m a pioneer) So this is during the day, hence was why it was so dead there, which I was disappointed at as I really wanted to freak people out by thinking I was taking a15 month old kid into a movie! Anyway as it so happens when I went to go buy the 2 tickets from the teenage counter monkey I asked for 2 adults for Thor in 3D at 6:50pm session. Then she’s gone “So that’s one adult, one child”, and if she wasn’t such a clueless teenager I would have been far more sarcastic, all there was, was a strange awkward silence until she realized that in fact she was an idiot (what can I say, I’m far too nice). But seriously, you think I’m going to come back at 6:50 to take my 15 month old to see a movie in 3D? Idiot, I should have asked her if they have baby sized 3D glasses for him. Good old counter monkeys, god bless ’em…..

Alright, it’s getting late and I need my beauty sleep. So everything’s back to normal next week no public holiday! (never thought I hear myself say that) Later!


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  1. do it, do it, do it!!! it would be hilarious, and i would love to see the reactions, and the amount of people that stop following your blog….

  2. oh, and i realised you used coloured shading, not cross hatching….. :-p

  3. One person? Good enough for me!! Wait and see how desperate I get for ideas (always a good motivator for using ideas you're not too sure about!)

    Get people to stop following you say, sounds like a challenge to me!

    I think I'll stick to colour shading for a bit now as it's a lot easier and quicker. Once I get a good routine going I'll start doing some more experimenting. I have some other experiments I want to try out as well next, mainly background stuff.

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