Etiquette Police

This weeks cartoon is an idea I’ve been kicking around for awhile now but only really became complete last Saturday. You see I was taking a leak on my lunch break at work and I got to the urinal just before this other guy, who was talking on his phone, and he went to go right next to me but realized and shifted over one so there was a space between us! How good is that? Even on the phone he still made sure he adhered to proper urinal etiquette, I even tweeted (Mr fancy pants high-tech me. I did wait until I was out of the bathroom, lets be clear on that, I’m not weird or anything) about it straight after I was that impressed. Anyway, so I’ve always had a rough idea about a cop type person enforcing urinal etiquette and this experience made me revisit the idea. The idea still developed even further as I was sketching it this morning, it was originally going to be called “The Man Police”, but I realized that if I made them a more general ‘etiquette’ police I could even do some more cartoons based on them! Years ago I had a few cartoons featuring “Daredevil Dave, the social Daredevil”, which basically was a Daredevil who deliberately baited people into arguments so bad that his life would be at stake. I really enjoyed doing those, so it would be nice to have another ‘regular’ again, and it’s always a good safety net if I’m hard up for an idea!

No real experimenting art wise this week as I’m about to come down with a cold of some sort. My health has been slowly deteriorating all day and quite frankly at the moment I feel like crap. On the bright side this cartoon didn’t take me too long to do, I’m getting more efficient I must say, which is a good thing….maybe the idea of going to bed has been a motivator, I don’t know.

Oh and update on my goal to get a famous Twitter follower, the next day after I posted about that former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd started following me! I’m pretty sure he seems to follow most people who follow him (which I do), but that still counts! Sweet! My followers count is still pretty shit though, in fact I’ve noticed it going down in the last few days, I need to tweet more I reckon, or maybe I need to tweet more interesting stuff. Is that how it works? Stupid Twitter….

Hopefully I can get a new cartoon done for next week, as next Monday is a public holiday so my son won’t be in daycare. So I’ll try and work on one during the week, but as I’m feeling like crap I may not get time, I’ll try. If I’m really desperate I could always dig out an old cartoon if you want? I’l see how I go.

Later! #cough!# #splutter!# Ohhhhhhh


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