Reserve Tank

This week is a cartoon for all the ladies! And for once I haven’t managed to offend anyone! Except maybe fat guys who suck in bed…..ohhh, maybe I’ve offended more people than ever! Oh well as if I’m going to get a complaint (“Hey buddy I’m a fat bastard and I’m god awful in bed and this cartoon offends me as a minority”) yeah, not gonna happen. This idea was a relatively new one actually, I happen to be watching Mythbusters a few weeks back (I love that show and not just for the hot red-head) and they were cutting a car in half to see if the front end could still drive and they did it by using a reserve fuel tank. Now don’t ask me why I wrote down “reserve fuel tank” in my notebook, my “idea sense” was just tingling I guess. Anyway that was all I had written down and then when I went to add it to my big book of ideas here is exactly what I wrote: 

#Having a reserve fuel tank 
– for a sex machine (a reserve beer gut stashed away for emergencies)
– “Jesus, if that’s a fuel tank for a sex machine, I hope you’ve got a reserve tank stashed away somewhere” (or “…I hope you’re fat arse is the reserve tank then”)

That’s it, you can see how quickly the final idea developed from just 3 words. Sometimes it happens that quickly other times it takes awhile, it just depends. You know what helps though? Mellow non-vocal, instrumental music. Yep usually I listen to some mellow, ambient electronica/trip-hop type stuff like The Orb, Bonobo, Four Tet or DJ Shadow. Or even some real old school smooth jazz like Miles Davies, John Coltrane or Charlie Parker, works a treat, helps get the old grey matter relaxed and working.

This week’s experiment was to draw the cartoon from scratch (the last 2 weeks I had already pre drawn and scanned the cartoons) and finish it, just to see how long it can take me. Admittedly I’m still getting the hang of my new tablet so I’m still a little slow but I’ll only get quicker. Also this week I only used coloured shading shadows and no hatching, out of the 3 methods I’ve used which do you prefer? 1) Cross-hatching mixed with colour shading shadows 2) No shadows only cross-hatching. or 3) No cross-hatching only colour shadows? Option 3 was definitely the faster of the 3 so it may come down to time on what method I use in the future. Anyway I hope you all like it!

Recently I’ve discovered the addictiveness of Twitter, I never thought the day would come and honestly I’m concerned I’ll end up being one of those weirdos tweeting whilst taking a shit about how good a shit it is. My current goal is to try and get someone relatively famous following me, which I have no idea how to, next to finding someone and stalking them via Twitter. Let’s just hope it doesn’t come to that….mind you if I got arrested and there was a news story, what would my title be? “Today a 33 year old stay-at-home dad was arrested for stalking Anne Hathaway online via Twitter”? Oh, I wonder if she’s even on twitter? Hang on a sec…..Yep, Done! Let the stalking begin! BrewhahahhHAHAAHAHAHH! Yeah, I’m probably never getting a famous follower 🙁 I’d even settle for a half-arsed, hack one really. Any ideas people? Oh and if you’re not already please follow and pester me @Mr_Brinks

Ok I’m off, until next week…or maybe not. I haven’t done a random mid-week post yet, so maybe this week will be the week, I do have some ideas, stay tuned I’ll tweet it! Later,


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  1. Hey mate, I gotta say i like this best in terms of the shading, easier to look at! 🙂
    Blog is great to read also! I will be following!

    Penny (Dan)

  2. Cheers! Sorry for the late reply, I didn't have it set up properly to alert me when people posted, doh!

    I think I will stick with this type of shading.

    Cheers Penny!

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