The Wrong Bank

So after offending all the Apple fans last week I’d thought I’d stick to my ‘bread and butter’ this week with some good old dirty humor! And a sperm joke at that! Why do I have so many? Is it just too easy? Or are there some underlying issues I have? Read into it as you will. This reminds me of when I first started toying with the idea of doing this blog a few months ago with Penelope, originally I was going to try doing good old ‘clean’ jokes every week. But Penelope told me that she doesn’t like my clean jokes and I should stick to what I’m good at….smut, thanks for putting me back on the straight and narrow baby, you’re the greatest.

So I’ve been kicking around the idea of this cartoon for quite some time, if I look back through my old notes I’m pretty sure the original idea was just “Ted the Dyslexic Bank Robber” and that was it, short, sweet and to the point. As it’s so old I can’t remember the exact thought process I went through to get to that point either, oh well. You see over the years I’ve been fine-tunning the process of how I develop a cartoon idea, my current method is to write down absolutely anything that comes to mind in a rough notebook (of which I have many stashed in different locations, just in case. I’m usually reading or watching news when I’m writing in them) and then I go through the notes at a later stage and re-write them in my ‘Big Book of Ideas’ (I just started volume 3 a few weeks ago) and elaborate and flesh it out some more, which mostly I won’t get an usable idea out straight away but when I go back over them again at a later stage I may do. So as you can imagine I have pages and books chock full of all sorts of weird stuff, which I am rather protective of I must say, just ask Pen. I never let anyone read my notebooks, not even Pen, it’s a weird thing I have, I guess as it’s usually my thoughts directly spewed out on page I find it rather personal. Also I’m rather worried that people may look at my differently after reading some of that weird crap. The other thing I do with my Big Book of Ideas, is all the individual ideas are written in different colours. I have a really nice, awesome set of Stabilo felt-tip pens in 20 different colours that Pen bought for me as a Valentines Day gift this year. You see writing in different colours is a technique I learnt from Mind-mapping as it’s supposed to stimulate certain parts of the brain, plus it’s much nicer to look at when your staring at a page and it’s also really easy to skim through each idea when they are in different colours. It’s a hard thing to describe when I see something and I know that there’s an idea in it somewhere, it’s like a “spider-sense” but for smut…..I’m like a smut superhero, sweet.

Anyway I hope you enjoyed that small insight into how I work.

This cartoon was almost very late, look it’s almost 10pm and I’m still typing, I hope you all appreciate my dedication here! I’m still experimenting with the art side and this week I went a tad overboard with my line-work (the cross-hatching shadows) which honestly took way too long. I like it but I’ll try the other extreme next week to see the difference. Last week was a mixture of line-work and shadow colouring so next week will be purely shadow colouring and no cross-hatching shadows like this one has. The other thing I was experimenting with this week was a new program to ‘ink’ and colour on, I thought I’d challenge myself and learn to use the free program GIMP ( which honestly is quite good, not quite as good as Photoshop of course but still pretty awesome considering it’s free! I did this as I thought in later weeks I might start going into more detail on exactly how I create the cartoons and not everyone can afford Photoshop so I thought it would be nice to give it a try.

Well it’s getting late so I’m going to go, so I hope you all like the cartoon, let me know what you think!



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