What Dad Wants

  Happy Monday! Yes, another Monday, another new cartoon. This week I thought I’d get in early on Father’s Day, which is this Sunday here in Australia and as a […]

Eyes Up Here

  Happy Monday everyone, it’s new cartoon time. This week’s cartoon is one of those wonderfully rare ideas that just pop into my head fully formed and not needing much […]

Wires Crossed

So, how ’bout those Dick Pics hey? No seriously, I do not get the whole dick pic thing at all. I’ve never had to urge to send anybody a photo […]

Friday Night Art #4

Another Friday night, another Friday Night Art. This piece came from my one of my quick, random sketch books that my wife one day went though and bookmarked all the […]

Wrong Bacon

  Ah it feels good to do a single panel again, nice, quick and easy. Oh, so sorry for the lack of updates other than a cartoon last week, you […]

Gotta Smoke 'em All

Happy Monday! Another strip again, for some reason all my good ideas of late just seem to work better in multi-panel form. I will do some more single panel gags […]